The escalation continues.. Where is the Al-Hilal and Al-Ahly crisis heading in Africa?

Al-Hilal had revealed a plan to sell 15,000 tickets to attend the match, after obtaining the approval of “CAF”, but he was surprised by the decision to prevent the fans from attending, to meet him with rejection, anger and media escalation.

international escalation

The Sudanese Al Hilal officially rejected the “Kef” decision and demanded the attendance of the fans after the tickets were issued to confront Al-Ahly on Friday evening in the second round of the Champions Groups.

The Sudanese newspaper, “Kafr Water”, indicated that Al-Hilal sent an official complaint to the Sports Court against “Al-Kef” because of the decision to prevent its fans from appearing in front of Al-Ahly.

The Sudanese club based its complaint to the Sports Court, according to the published report, on the lack of sanctions against him by the “Kef” until he was prevented from attending the masses.

Egyptian intervention

For its part, the Egyptian Football Association announced in an official statement that it had submitted a request to the Confederation of African Football to prevent the public from attending the Al-Ahly and Al-Hilal match.

The Egyptian Federation thanked its African counterpart for responding to the request and preventing the public from attending the match, without giving reasons.

The last confrontation between the two teams in the 2020 CAF Champions League groups witnessed unfortunate events that almost turned into a disaster after a mass riot and storming of the field in a meeting that ended in a positive draw (1-1) for Al-Ahly to reach the quarter-finals and Al Hilal bid farewell to the championship.

The Sudanese army intervened in the last confrontation between the two teams and went to the field to protect the entire Al-Ahly team when the crowd stormed, with the help of the police there, which is something that enough fears to repeat.

Reason for ban

A source in “Calaf” told Sky News Arabia that preventing the fans from attending comes for purely security reasons, and the matter has nothing to do with sanctions against Al Hilal.

The source indicated that the technical meeting before the match was moved and postponed for several hours to an undisclosed location for the media for security precautions.

For his part, Hadi Al-Madani, a journalist specializing in African football, said: “What happened in the Al-Ahly and Al-Hilal match was a mistake within a series of mismanagement of the situation within the corridors of the Confederation of African Football and local associations alike.”

Al-Madani indicated in an interview with Sky News Arabia that what made matters worse was the announcement of the Egyptian Federation of “CAF” response to his request, in light of accusations from the Sudanese Al Hilal fans that preventing them from attending came courtesy of Al-Ahly Club and at an Egyptian request, which fueled the crisis.

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