New Saudi moves regarding the labor system… and a video in detail

In response to a question from “Sky News Arabia” correspondent Hamad Al-Mahmoud during the government communication conference, the Saudi Minister of Human Resources Ahmed Al-Rajhi said: “We are studying changing the work system to 4 working days and 3 days off or 4 and a half days of work compared to two and a half days off per week. To make the Kingdom attractive to investors and provide job opportunities.

Saudi Arabia preceded the UAE in changing the work system, where it announced the new system of weekly work for the federal government sector in the country, to be 4 and a half working days from Monday to Thursday, and half a working day on Friday, and the weekly holiday will be on Saturday and Sunday.

It is noteworthy that the vision of the UAE with the decision of the new work system came to enhance its position in the global competitiveness in the economic and business sectors, and to consolidate its position on the world economic map, and as a business center that is the most active, efficient and effective of its kind in the region.

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