Heavy-duty and water-resistant..A wonderful smart watch that works on solar energy with more than one model..Video

Garmin has launched the new (Instinct 2) smart watch series, which is dedicated to heavy-duty uses in more than one model. For GPS locator, it also contains more than 40 fitness and outdoor sports applications.

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Solar powered smart watch

This smart watch provides everything an individual needs during long trips. The technical equipment package includes a sensor to measure its heart rate, SpO2, and a sleep tracking sensor. The Instinct 2S model comes with a 40 mm body with a resolution of 156 x 156 pixels, and the Instinct 2 model has a 45 mm body. It has a resolution of 176 x 176 pixels, the monochrome MIP screen is easy to read all the data displayed on it, even in direct sunlight, and the battery life is up to 21 days with the Instinct 2S, or 28 days with the Instinct 2.

smart watch

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The American company has promoted a new “Solar” model, which is powered by solar energy, as it does not need to be charged as long as it is exposed to the sun (50,000 lux) for at least three hours a day. As for the Surf version of applications for surfing and wind, the Tactical version includes Kill switch function, night vision mode and stealth mode.

Garmin map system is one of the best map systems in the world, and it is one of the world’s leading companies in providing some map devices with satellites for marine and road navigation. It also employs about 14,500 employees in 65 offices around the world, and it produces navigation devices, smart watches, and air navigation devices, and car maps.

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