Anticipation and caution in Libya… an “international signal” that enhances the chances of the Bashagha government

Saleh also briefed her on the work plan of the House of Representatives and the Supreme Council of the State, in accordance with Constitutional Amendment No. 12, including the establishment of a 24-member joint expert committee to review the 2017 draft constitution.

In a series of tweets on her site “Twitter”, Wednesday, the international advisor stressed the need to ensure the participation of women, youth and cultural components in the membership of the committee, noting that she discussed the guarantees for the committee’s completion of the amendments to the draft constitution and reaching a consensual formula in the shortest time frame for holding elections that respect the will of 2.8 million Libyan citizens registered to vote.

For his part, Saleh assured her that the solution to the Libyan crisis must be “Libyan-Libyan” without foreign interference, and that the House of Representatives is able to work on comprehensive national reconciliation in cooperation with the Presidential Council and all parties, according to the media office of the House of Representatives.

He stressed that the current period requires the existence of a government that works for all Libyans to provide services to all citizens in Libya, without excluding or marginalizing one group without another or a city without the other.

Addressing the obstructions

According to the security expert, retired colonel Salah al-Din al-Nawal, these developments come within the framework of the recognition of the new government headed by Bashagha, and that the coming days will bring developments in this direction at the international level.

Al-Nawal told “Sky News Arabia” that these statements will lead to the calm of some armed currents that have tried in the past few days to register their objection to the formation of the new government, driven by the wishes of the leaders of the extremist movement represented by some members of the State Council and figures outside Libya.

Political analyst Abdul Karim al-Jadidi agrees, saying that according to these developments, signs of international recognition have become tangible, whether in the statements of the American ambassador, the Russian Foreign Ministry, as well as the Italian Foreign Ministry, which centered on respecting the will of the Libyans and their agreement to end the crisis and go to elections.

Al-Jadidi warned that if the international community does not confront the obstructionists, especially some leaders of the hard-line movement, the new government may face many difficulties.

He explained to “Sky News Arabia” that the government has to work from outside Tripoli, specifically from the city of Sirte, to accomplish its major tasks, especially unifying the Libyan army to create a single force that monopolizes arms, supports this government and provides security for the elections.

Extremist currents seek to exploit the division witnessed by the Libyan street over the government. After it included only two camps, namely, the East and the South (Burqa and Fezzan), which supported changing the outgoing government of Abdul Hamid al-Dabaiba, against the camp of the West (Tripoli and Misurata), it has now become a large part From the camp of the West supports the same regional orientation as the camp (Burqa and Fezzan).

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