In the event of the Russian invasion, Biden warns the Americans not to pay the price

“If Russia decides to invade Ukraine, that will have repercussions here,” Biden said in a brief speech at the White House.

He continued, “I will not pretend that it will not be painful. This will have repercussions on energy prices,” while fears of a war in Ukraine have already led to a rise in oil prices, which are currently at their highest level in seven years.

“We are coordinating with major consumers and producers of oil,” Biden said, “and I will work with Congress to help protect consumers and respond to higher prices” at distribution stations.

Biden stressed in his speech that a Russian attack on Ukraine “is still very possible.”

The US President said that the beginning of the withdrawal of Russian forces from the Ukrainian border, as announced by Moscow, “will be a positive thing,” but he realized that “we have not yet verified” the implementation of this, stressing in turn that these forces, whose number is estimated at “more than 150 thousand” soldiers, are not Still “in a threatening situation”.

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