After the night of the five… Guardiola praises the “ideal”

Manchester City dominated the match from start to finish in the Portuguese capital, almost guaranteeing access to the quarter-finals, as winning by 5 goals equals the largest victory in a Champions League playoff.

Silva scored two goals in one Champions League match for the first time, and scored the net in the competition for the first time in one year after he appeared in great shape, and what added to his happiness was that he was playing in the Benfica Grim Sporting academy.

Guardiola said: “I always tell him ‘You are the perfect player.’ When he has the ball he is more than exceptional, but I always tell him you have to play and win games, and you have the potential to do that. He has the technique and everything.”

“This is the city he grew up in, and he would love to come back here. He’s definitely a former Benfica player, so this is a special night for him.”

City’s performance continues to evolve since losing to Chelsea in the Champions League final last season, and the team is seriously looking for the title that Guardiola has been missing since coaching City in 2016.

But despite leading City to the biggest victory in its history away from home in a knockout match in the competition, the Spanish coach was not entirely satisfied.

Guardiola said: “We defended great and got a great result. We have a task to review the performance as well, even if the result is amazing.”

He added, “The performance could have been better. The difference between the two teams does not deserve to make the result 5-0, but we were very decisive.”

And the former Barcelona and Bayern Munich coach continued: “If we reach the quarter-finals, who knows what will happen. Last season we had a great season in the Champions League and then lost the final, and it was considered that we failed. I will not hide behind the 5-0 victory, we still have a long way to go. “.

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