A mother tells of her daughter’s suffering from “clown ichthyosis”

Elizabeth Kadlecic was born in June 2020, and suffers from “clown ichthyosis”, which causes skin to grow rapidly all over the body and face, up to 8 millimeters thick.

Elizabeth’s mother, Natalia, was told when she was 30 weeks pregnant that her child would be born with mental and physical disabilities.

Natalia recounted to the media the suffering of her child, who was born six weeks early, and entered the intensive care unit, because the harsh skin around her face and chest was hindering her breathing.

Natalia and her husband Martin were shocked after doctors told them that their daughter’s condition was so difficult that she had no chance of survival.

But after five weeks of intensive care treatment, Elizabeth survived, losing her eyelids, several fingers, and the ability to regulate her body temperature because she is unable to sweat.

In the future, Elizabeth will need plastic surgery for her eyelids, fingers, feet and ears, but her mother at the present time takes care of her by placing special drops in the eyes every hour, because the child is unable to close her eyes, she also bandages her body, and performs two long baths a day with a lot of peeling to get rid of Excess dead skin, moisturize with cream at least six times daily.

And the British newspaper, The Independent, quoted Natalia as saying that the lack of hydration can cause the baby’s skin to crack and bleed, giving way to the possibility of infection.

Natalia added that Elizabeth had previously suffered from skin infections that required three blood transfusions, noting that the doctors told her that her mental abilities were not affected by her health condition.

Doctors gave Natalia different opinions about Elizabeth’s life expectancy, as some ruled out the possibility of her living beyond the age of twenty, while others indicated that there was no obstacle to her reaching old age.

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