The President of Algeria orders the abolition of taxes on these activities and goods

This came within a cabinet meeting, chaired by Tebboune, that dealt with the national water desalination program, supplying the national market with consumables, and a presentation on the advancement of electrical industries.

Tebboune imposed a freeze on all taxes and fees, starting from Sunday, until further notice, especially the fees included in the 2022 Finance Law on some foodstuffs.

He also ordered the government to abolish all taxes and fees imposed on e-commerce, mobile phones and computers destined for the use of individuals and start-ups.

The Algerian president ordered the government to take all measures and measures to avoid the effects of the insane rise in prices in international markets on citizens during the current year, until their stability.

Tebboune called for a coordination meeting, between the interests of the Minister of Trade and representatives of the security services, to set a tight strategy to immediately curb the smuggling of widely consumed foodstuffs across the entire Algerian border, which incurred great losses to the national market and economy.

The Algerian government will cover the difference in prices for materials destined for citizens by the Algerian Professional Bureau of Cereals, given the high international prices.

Tebboune announced tightening control over support in the agricultural sector and livestock raising, in a manner that serves price stability, for the benefit of citizens.

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