The Federal Court ruled that Zebari was not eligible to run for the presidency of Iraq

Iraq (conscious) – February 13, 2022. 15:53

Iraq.. The lawsuit was based on previous accusations of financial and administrative corruption

  • The lawsuit touched on two other cases with which the former minister is linked
  • The Kurdistan Democratic Party announced earlier its insistence on the survival of Hoshyar

The Federal Court decided in IraqOn Sunday, the verdict of the ineligibility of the leader of the Kurdistan Democratic Party, Hoshyar Zebarito run for the presidency.

The Federal Court’s decision comes against the background of a lawsuit filed by four deputies, Ali Turki Jassoum, Dylan Ghafoor Saleh, Karwan Ali Yaroes, and Karim Shakur Muhammad, in which they indicated that Zebari’s nomination violates the provisions of the constitution.

The plaintiffs considered that Zebari, one of the most prominent Kurdish political figures in Iraq during the era after the fall of Saddam Hussein’s regime in 2003, does not meet the constitutional conditions for assuming the position of President of the Republic, including being “of good reputation and integrity”, according to a copy of the text of the lawsuit and the court’s decision, which They were published by the official Iraqi News Agency.

They listed supporting reasons, including Parliament’s decision to withdraw confidence from Zebari in 2016 when he was Minister of Finance, on the background of “accusations related to financial and administrative corruption.”

The lawsuit also touched on at least two other cases with which the 68-year-old former minister is linked, especially during his tenure at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Ruling on the ineligibility of Zebari’s candidacy for the presidency of Iraq

The plaintiffs talked about the existence of “another investigative case” against the background of Zebari “abusing his influence and authority by spending huge sums of money on real estate that does not belong to the state.”

And Zebari had said in a previous court decision on February 6 to temporarily suspend his candidacy until the case is decided, saying: “We respect the Federal Court’s decision to temporarily suspend our candidacy until the lawsuit filed by some clinging to the days before the reform is resolved.”

He added, “We trust that the judiciary will confirm what state institutions confirmed in advance that we fulfill the conditions for candidacy, and that what is rumored is nothing more than groaning for more clinging to power.”

The Kurdistan Democratic Party had announced earlier its insistence on the survival of Hoshyar Zebari as its candidate for the presidency of the Republic of Iraq.

The official in charge of the Iraqi file in the party, Arafat Karam, said earlier, “Hoshyar Zebari is the candidate for the presidency of Iraq and will remain so.”

He pointed out that “Hoshyar Zebari is not only the candidate of the Kurdistan Democratic Party, but he is also the candidate of the Sadrist movement,” saying: “(The current Iraqi president) Barham Salih puts obstacles in the way of the parliament session so that he remains in office,” he said.

The Sadrist movement had withdrawn its support for Zebari recently, against the background of accusations of corruption, which Zebari asserts that they remained in the framework of the allegations and was not convicted of them.

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