Causes of the problem of Android updates not appearing in your phone settings and how to solve it

One of the problems that many talk about is that Android device updates do not appear in the settings, so many seek a solution to this problem and know its causes to avoid its occurrence continuously and to avoid errors and problems associated with old updates during use, so that all Android devices must install all new updates to ensure The phone worked at the highest efficiency. If you are one of the owners of this problem, let us know together the causes of this problem and find a solution.

The problem of Android updates not appearing in your phone settings

What are the reasons why Android device updates do not appear in the phone settings?

• Device Version
One of the most important reasons why updates do not appear is that your phone is of an old version, so that most of the new updates are not suitable for the phone, it is expected that a device that has been three or four years old, it is difficult to receive new updates or carry those updates and developments.

• Small phone memory
If you have a phone with a small space, the problem of automatic updating of your phone must exist, because the update process requires some files necessary to update your Android phone, so you have to delete some unnecessary applications to update your phone or buy a new phone suitable for each new update.

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• Poor connection of your phone to the Internet
To complete any update process, you must have a semi-strong network, such as a strong Wi-Fi connection or even phone data, in order for the update process to be successful. You must check the connection more than once to ensure the quality of the available Internet so that you do not have to re-update more than once.

• The battery is not fully charged
The full charge of the battery is necessary for the update to complete, since the update of the phone takes a fairly large amount of time, it is necessary to ensure that there is sufficient charge in the battery for the success of the update process.

• Time updates
The schedule of updates varies according to the geographical region and also the manufacturer of the phone, so the timing of the arrival of updates varies in different geographical regions, and this reason is one of the main reasons why Android updates do not appear in the mobile phone settings, and to overcome this, you can constantly search for the schedule of updates that you want to get It is appropriate for your Android phone.

The perfect solution to the problem of Android device updates not appearing in the phone settings

To solve this problem, you only need to follow a set of steps:
• At first, you have to select the Android version of your phone and then go to Settings and click on About Phone and then you can click on System Update.
(To find out which version of the Android your phone belongs to, you will find it in the settings and you will choose about phone, then the Android version, and with it you will find the security level and the Google Play level of the phone).

• To get the latest of these updates, all you have to do is click on the update notification when it arrives, open it, and click on Updates. If your device is not connected to the Internet or you skip the update notification, there is another way, you will go to settings and click on the system and then choose advanced And finally, choose system update and complete the update with the steps shown on the screen.

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• In order to be able to complete the update process, security updates and updates for Google Play, many of which are known to be done automatically, but if you want to check this, you just have to go to settings and click on security, and then you search for updates if any.

• To follow up on updates on an ongoing basis, as we mentioned earlier that updates differ in their arrival according to the manufacturer and the different geographical region, so you only need to follow the manufacturers and their latest updates on an ongoing basis.

• Taking into account that the device is charged more than 80% during the update, and making sure of a good connection to the Internet and the availability of sufficient space for the update process to take place successfully.

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