With the Stars 15|Anger against Myriam Fares.. Boshra Igorek and Shahd and Saad Lamjarred is an actor?

Dubai (news programmes) – 06/02/2022. 15:02

With the stars.. with Bushra Igorek after an absence

With the Stars..a program that highlights artists, the most important and latest news on the art scene, with Fahad Al Hashemi.

In the fifteenth episode of “with the stars”.. watching:

  • Replica dances .. Myriam Fares accused of imitation
  • Saad Lamjarred The hero of the movie Orange Time?
  • Belqis Wael Jassar Ashraf Hakimi Riyad Mahrez in solidarity
  • Shahd.. “Withstars” movie with Bushra Igorek after an absence
  • Tamer Hosny Umm Wael Kfoury.. The audience is shocked by Tamer’s new look
  • The movie “The owners and my dearest” topped the list
  • New case of Tuhami Bennani

More news on the artistic scene. Stay tuned for it in “With the Stars” with Fahd Al Hashemi and Alaa Al Halabi.

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Alaa Al Halabi
Alaa Al Halabi

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