Like Messi, will Salah untie the first title with the national team?

The Egyptian public has great hopes for their first star, Mo Salah, in the task of crowning the eighth title, and who has been absent from the “Pharaohs” coffers since 2010, after the historical trilogy under the leadership of Captain Hassan Shehata.

The stories of Messi and Salah are similar to the national teams of their countries, as they succeeded in providing everything possible in international matches, but without achieving titles.. “The Flea” broke the knot of the first title, and Salah hopes to achieve the same achievement.

During the 158 matches Messi played with Argentina, “The Flea” scored 80 goals (the historical top scorer for tango dancers), made 51 others, and led his team to five finals, and he only managed to achieve one title, which was enough to crown his career and his great effort with Argentina in recent years.

On the other hand, Salah is the second historical scorer for the Egyptian national team throughout its history with 45 goals, and the most Pharaohs players scored in official matches (35 goals), as well as making 25 goals.

In recent years, the most important achievements of Egyptian football have been to climb to the World Cup and reach the final of the African Nations in the 2017 and 2022 editions.

During the Pharaohs’ ascension to the “2018 World Cup”, Salah contributed to all the team’s goals in the qualifiers (he scored 5 goals and assisted two goals), and scored two goals for the Pharaohs in the World Cup group stage.

In the 2017 championship, the Egyptian team scored 5 goals, Salah contributed to 4 of them, scoring two goals and making the same.

During the current tournament in Cameroon, Salah contributed 3 out of 4 goals scored by the Egyptian national team, Elkan.

Salah offers everything in his country’s shirt, just as Messi does, amid the wishes of the Egyptian public to crown his efforts by winning the first continental title with the “Pharaohs”, after years of trying and striving.

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