Yemen..the army begins the process of purifying the city of Haradh from the Houthi militia

Yemen (news now) 02/05/2022 17:24

Yemen… Launching the operation to cleanse the city of Haradh from three axes from the Houthi militia

A military source told “Akhbar Alan” that the army forces began the process of securing and purifying the city of Haradh from three axes, after the siege was imposed on the rest of the elements. Houthi militia In the city, the source confirmed in a statement to “Akhbar Alan” that the operation was launched from the southwestern neighborhoods of the city.

According to the source, at least fifty members of the militia were killed Houthi militia Inside the city of Haradh, the air force and artillery were directly targeted. The source also indicated that engineering teams specialized in demining had removed the mines from dozens of buildings and hotels in Haradh.

Simultaneously, the Houthi militia bombed civilian objects in the city of Haradh with three ballistic missiles, without causing any casualties.

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