Washington restores waivers for “Iran’s nuclear weapons” canceled by the Trump administration

The exemption in question removes the threat of sanctions against foreign countries and companies from Russia, China and Europe that have been cooperating with Iran on non-military aspects of its nuclear program under the 2015 agreement, known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action.

In a State Department notice to Congress today regarding the revocation of certain sanctions imposed on Iran’s nuclear program, “The revocation with respect to these activities is designed to facilitate discussions that would assist in concluding a deal on a mutual return to full implementation of the JCPOA and laying the groundwork for Iran’s return.” to fulfill its commitments in the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action.

“It is also designed to serve the interests of the United States related to nonproliferation, nuclear safety, and the restriction of Iran’s nuclear activities, and is issued as a matter of discretion and policy with those objectives in mind, not according to a commitment or as part of a trade-off,” the statement added.

The State Department statement stressed that the US administration is focused on working with partners and allies to confront the full range of threats posed by Iran.

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