Live broadcast.. Rescue teams reach the child Ryan and moments before he is taken out

Chefchaouen (Hespress website) 02/05/2022 16:11

A “camera” monitors the movement of the child Ryan… and is less than two meters away from the target

Traffic surveillance cameras baby ryan The person who has been stuck in a well in the Chefchaouen province in the west for more than five days, revealed Abdelhadi Al-Thamrani, a member of the updated Child Rescue Tracking Committee in the Chefchaouen province, in an exclusive statement to Hespress online newspaper.

Al-Thamrani said that the child fell into a water hole near his home in the center of Tamrout, and was spotted lying on his side, and that “the rescue teams are still separated by only one meter and eighty centimeters to reach the child Rayan.”

Al-Thamrani added, in the same statement, that “the child’s rescue teams were able to dig 4 meters manually, until around ten o’clock this morning, Saturday, and the remaining 180 centimeters to reach the target.”

The manual excavation work is going in the right direction, according to the rescue personnel on the spot, and topographic experts, along with new technicians joining the crew, are working to guide Rayan’s whereabouts with great accuracy.

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